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Play as Dox, a boy pulled from his simple life at a reclamation factory, and forced to prove humanities worth to their robot overlords to save them from the impending apocalypse.

Battle with Automatrons, vicious robots who have taken over the world, and driven humanity to the borderlands. Use the power stored within your suit to destroy those who stand in your path.


  • Beautiful 2D Art
  • Turn-Based Combat System, increase your power to make your actions more effective!
  • Engaging Story

Artists Statement

This game is a story based game following the story Dox and Caeco on their quest to prove humanities worth to their robotic overlords. The journey will take you through a dystonia future where humanity has fallen, and robots called Automatrons, have taken over. Along the way you will battle many powerful beings in a turn based combat system.

We have taken great pride in the work we have completed, and we hope you enjoy your experience.

Jake Andrews - Game Designer, Lead Story Writer, Vision Holder.
Ryan Smith - Lead Programmer, Project Manager.
Andrew A.W - Game Designer, Artist.
Luxia Tang - Lead Artist.
Taras Spahic - Lead Audio.
Mufammad Firdaus bin Ahmed (Fedya) - Writer.


Iris V1.01.zip 189 MB